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Ballistic 7.8m rib

ballistic 7.8


Get serious, get the Ballistic 7.8m! The jewel in the Ballistic portfolio, this RIB has an exceptional pedigree. Tried and tested by experienced powerboat racers in the 2003/2004 Trans Agulhas 1,000km event, a race around the unforgiving, shark infested water of Cape Agulhas, off the southern-most tip of South Africa, the 7.8m swept away the competition, taking three of the top five places at the finish.

Expertly constructed, with the unique Ballistic design, the 7.8m is fitted with jockey seats for you to carve up the waves in comfort, and comes with the standard top notch spec. When you are not testing just how fast and tough the 7.8m is, it boasts a great layout for gathering family and friends, with a picnic table and plenty of comfortable leisure seating. Whether you are beach hopping, snorkelling, sun bathing or skiing, no adventure is complete without the 7.8m.

King of the Ballistic RIBs, the 7.8m excels in challenging conditions. An extremely strong, no expenses spared build gives it the edge over the competition. As a result, the 7.8m is in demand across the world in environments where speed, reliability and style are paramount.

In Sierra Leone, the 7.8m is used by the fishery patrol service, chosen specifically for its speed and load carrying capabilities. In the Caribbean, the 7.8m is used by the rich and famous, where its fitness, durability and top speed make it the perfect plaything


Length: 7.8m

Internal Length: 5.75m
Beam: 2.5m

Internal Beam: 1.52m
Weight: 2250kg


Max Persons: 15
Max HP: 500 HP
Max Speed: 40 knots
CE- Category: C

Tubes: Hypalon 

Number Of Chambers: 5

Fuel Tank: 250L

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