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Flyer 7


Extremely agile, responding quickly, The Flyer 7 SUNdeck offers a smooth ride and some very enjoyable driving sensations.


The Flyer 7 is conspicuously sporty and energetic. You have a choice of two versions of upholstery: standard (with stainless steel pulpits) or Elegance (with black pulpits).

The console has a wraparound windshield and hand rails which make movements on the two symmetrical side decks much safer.

There are two layouts of the Flyer 7, the Sundeck & the Spacedeck. The sundeck incorporates a large sundeck infront of the helm and a cabin below where as the space deck has a walk around centre console with seating in the bow. 

Check out our images, videos, and our reviews of the Flyer 7 below.


Flyer 7 Spec


See the full specifications and options for the Flyer 7 below, a great looking and extremely versatile boat!

Flyer 7 Reviews


We await the arrival of our first stock Flyer 7, due anytime now! In the mean time we have borrowed a walkthrough video from our colleagues.

Click play on the video's below to find out more.

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