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Flyer 8


The Flyer 8 exceeds regular day boat standards by combining comfort, generous space and sensations. Its highly optimized design makes it the ideal boat for a weekend getaway. A decent-sized cabin lies beneath a large sunbathing area for lazing in the sun.


The Flyer 8 has the aesthetics of a modern classic, with taut yet attractive lines, complete with black pulpits. Developed on the latest generation of outboard hulls equipped with Air Step 2, the boat lifts off quickly and offers outstanding cruising comfort. The aft bench seat is easy to fold back, providing optimum cockpit space. There are also lots of ergonomic storage spaces spread throughout the boat.

There are two layouts of the Flyer 8, the Sundeck & the Spacedeck. The sundeck incorporates a large sundeck infront of the helm and a cabin below where as the space deck has a walk around centre console with seating in the bow. 

Check out our images, videos, and our reviews of the Flyer 8 below.


Flyer 8 Spec


See the full specifications and options for the Flyer 8 below, a great looking and extremely versatile boat!

Flyer 8 Reviews


We await the arrival of our first stock Flyer 8, due anytime now! In the mean time we have borrowed a walkthrough video from our colleagues.

Click play on the video's below to find out more.

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