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Beneteau Flyer Spacedeck

Flyer 6


Versatile and sporty, the Flyer 6 SPACEdeck has all the successful developments introduced on the larger boats of this new generation. The smallest of the line, she is the ideal day boat for anyone who loves simple, affordable, and convenient first-class multi-programme boating. 

Flyer 7


Wakeboarding, surfing, fishing, bathing or lazing in the sun? With her striking looks, versatility and simplicity, the Flyer 7 SPACEdeck is the ideal solution for unlimited leisure activities. 

Flyer 8

The surprisingly spacious Flyer 8 SPACEdeck is a joy to drive and to live aboard. Certified to carry 10 passengers, she is ideal for all day-boating programmes: bathing, picnicking on board, water sports or fishing trips.


Flyer 8.8

Large and open but still dry in any sea, the reverse chine keeps the water down and the speed up. 

Everything you need for South France or the Riviera for seating lots of people in style and comfort at speed!

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