The Sanza 65 is not as new as you think! It is the new name for the Hysucraft rib, the inventors of the hydrofoil system for boats.

Hysucraft is an abbreviation of “Hydrofoil Supported Craft” which describes a hybrid boat that consists of a specially designed hull, mono- or multi-hull, that is equipped with a matching hydrofoil system. This leads to higher speeds, more efficiency, and more comfort.

We have sea trialled this boat and found her to be fast and comfortable, taking a wake or chop with ease. She is an incredibly stable platform and takes corners at speed whilst remaining flat and balanced.

This particular example is ready to go having served as a demonstrator and press vessel. Complete with her custom trailer, and a full electronics suite (twin multi-function screens, VHF, stereo, and transducer), custom Ttop. She will come with engine and hull warranty

Sanza Maran 65